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  • 170 point inspection at the car by a professional mechanic
  • One-on-one consultation of the inspection results
  • Instant repair estimates for issues found to help you negotiate
  • Automotive experts who will protect you from misleading sellers
  • Detailed report emailed to you after the inspection is complete


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PAL Inspections are available 7am to 9pm daily and you can easily reschedule online.



Choose a PAL mechanic, pay electronically and only get charged after the inspection.



Meet your PAL mechanic when you want or have one sent on your behalf to inspect the car.

Meet Your PAL Experts®

Experienced Mechanics

Years of automotive experience along with unique accreditations and certifications.

Thoroughly Screened

We conduct thorough background, criminal and reference checks on all our mechanics.

Your Best Interests First

PAL Experts are on your side, not the seller’s.

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Brandon smith
PAL Expert:Mark
Vehicle:2017 Subaru Outback
Date:Jul 28, 2018

I've used PAL twice now when looking at cars, and both gentlemen who helped me were fantastic. The first was incredibly responsive to texts and made scheduling a breeze. Most recently, my mechanic Mark used his own code reader to scan the car for any computer errors in addition to taking note of all of the physical aspects of the vehicle. PAL really fills a hole in the market and you can tell they're doing their best to make the experience perfect and seamless every time as a small company--when the original mechanic I scheduled for a viewing cancelled late, the CEO himself reached out to apologize and ask if I'd be willing to schedule a different time and mechanic. I doubt it'll stay that way forever, but you can't beat that level of service. It's worth every penny.

16 subaru crosstek
PAL Expert:Zacharey
Vehicle:2016 Subaru Crosstrek
Date:Mar 07, 2018

I had a little problem with the car but they took care of it. Very professional and highly recommended

PAL Expert:Michael
Vehicle:2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Date:May 17, 2017

Its like a house inspection for cars. Definitely needed it. Thanks PAL!

2016 honda hrv
PAL Expert:Reggie
Vehicle:2016 Honda HR-V
Date:Jul 15, 2018

We were very pleased with the PAL service. It is easy to book an appointment—you pick the location you want the inspector to come to, the day you want the appointment and whether you want to be present or not. Then it gives you options to choose your inspector and specific time. We went with Reggie for his 32 years of experience. You could easily book a same-day appointment right from the dealership on your phone. The vehicle we were looking at had a clean CarFax and AutoTrader reports, but Reggie took one look at it and saw evidence of an accident followed by imperfect body repair. He continued to build the case for an accident history in his very thorough inspection. He had the plug-in device to access the vehicle’s systems for any failure reports. He took a test drive and checked the ABS and even did donuts. We didn’t buy the car, but the whole experience was worthwhile just for the education we got in how to examine a used car! The PAL service is easy to use and their customer service is eager to please. If you are anywhere near Long Beach, book Reggie, he is the man!

PAL Expert:Jeremy
Vehicle:1995 Honda Civic
Date:Nov 10, 2017

Jeremy is the man. He saved me from this piece of crap. $3495 tag price, about half in repairs…no thank you.

14 chevy volt
PAL Expert:Roger
Vehicle:2014 Chevrolet Volt
Date:Apr 10, 2018

Using PAL is really easy; the website is user friendly. Our mechanic, Roger, was on time, polite, friendly, knowledgeable, and thorough. When his inspection determined the car was in good shape, it gave us the peace of mind we needed to move forward with the purchase. Thank you, Roger!

13 hyundai sonata
PAL Expert:Stephen
Vehicle:2013 Hyundai Sonata
Date:Mar 08, 2018

Overall, a great experience! I live nearly 45 minutes away from the private party I'm considering to purchase a vehicle. The scheduling of the inspector's appointment was super easy to do and the inspection was completed within a couple hours of me registering with PAL. The report I received was extremely thorough and informative! But I had a couple questions about the vehicle so I decided to call the inspector, Stephen. He was incredibly professional and knowledgeable! He answered all my questions and even added some info that I hadn't considered. I would highly recommend requesting Stephen if you are in the San Diego area! All in all, a great experience at a price lower than most offerings. And thanks to PAL for escalating my comfort level in purchasing a used vehicle!!!

PAL Expert:Alejandro
Vehicle:2012 Toyota Corolla
Date:Feb 25, 2018

Great deal. It’s my first time buying a car and I’m so glad I found this service. The PAL mechanic met me seller’s house and checked all over the car. I have no idea what to look for, so I felt better when he assured me that the car was in good condition.