About PAL® | Prevent A Lemon

About Us

PAL® inspections add an element of safety and security to your automotive buying experience by providing the expert knowledge, advice and protection you need before purchasing your next used vehicle.


Enjoy Peace of Mind

At Prevent A Lemon (PAL), we want to help you achieve peace of mind when making an important decision like purchasing your next used vehicle. Buying a used vehicle can be a stressful and difficult experience as there is a risk of being misinformed and misled by the seller. You should not overpay for a vehicle that is not worth its price!


Knowledge is Power

Our dedicated team of PAL Experts are experienced mechanics that want to share their expertise with you. Knowing potential issues with the vehicle you want before buying will help you make more informative decisions, while giving you power and leverage during the negotiations. With a PAL Inspection, our goal is to ensure you’re educated, protected and feel confident if you decide to buy the vehicle.


Revolutionize the Mechanic Community

One of the most important goals for PAL is to provide a more sustainable life for mechanics. For many of them, the workload and income are not aligned: too much work, not enough pay. At PAL, we believe in offering a more rewarding opportunity for mechanics by enabling them to use their knowledge to create a happier work-life balance. PAL is dedicated to driving this revolution in the industry for years to come!